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Boltless racks in Hyderabad

Boltless racks in Hyderabad by Jayalaxmi Flexible Systems (JLFLS) – Yes, it is the Right Choice!

When we think of some quick, easy, sturdy yet cost-effective storage solutions for warehouse; the boltless steel shelving proves to be the problem solver! It offers flexibility, easy installation, and a pocket-friendly solution. Boltless FlexibleShelving System by Jayalaxmi Flexible Systems is a great platform, especially designed to meet the demands of the powerful stockroom facilities.

JAYALAXMI FLEXIBLE SYSTEM’S (JLFLS), Boltless Rack and Shelving Systems proposes an extensive variety of accessories and key features. Segments can be reconfigured, extended, reduced moved or joined to existing units effectively and without including any additional parts, in extremely less time.

 JAYALAXMI FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS - JLFLS, welded frame construction is exquisite, solid, and firm. All the mentioned parameters are well taken under consideration while structuring the Boltless Flexible Shelving System. The two/four bend edges remove the roughness while strengthening the racks. The closed uprights secure stocks/items and cover electrical wiring, securely and carefully. The racks concept is based on the interlocking framework, enabling the client to fulfill and satisfy the need based on the requirement.

Benefits of Boltless Rack and Shelving Systems

Your need is our command! Boltless Flexible shelving is designed to be customized as per the varying needs of warehouses and within the budget. Boltless Flexible Shelving is a great substitute to expensive, heavier and risky shelving solutions.

We give you exactly to what you see! when it comes to boltless flexible shelving, is what we show you is what you get. You don’t have to bother about multiple shelving materials. Moreover, the shelving is created keeping product placement in mind.

Multiple ways of Configuration! As they are flexible and easy to use, boltless flexible shelving can be re-arranged in various ways of configurations to meet the storage needs. This prompts for more effective use of warehouse space.

Reducing the Safety Risks! Boltless Flexible Shelving creates a safe work environment. And it is easier and much faster.

We assure you the "Boltless Flexible Shelving Systems" has been continuously proving to be the best and you will have Jayalaxmi Flexible Systems as the right partner for your requirements and further needs.

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