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Heavy Duty Racks

Professionals have already been aware with the importance of fixing a heavy duty racks. Heavy Duty Storage Rack enhances and speeds up processes of a warehouse, production unit and more. This multipurpose shelving solution has a huge demand on these days. 

Contact JLFLS – one of the leading heavy Duty rack manufacturers in around Hyderabad. Our uniqueness and superior quality make them suitable for various industries. We have wide range of Heavy Duty Rack available, which you can choose as per your choice. Being one of the trusted Heavy Duty Storage Rack Manufacturers in Hyderabad, we use the finest quality material to design and deliver the surplus options to our customers. You can browse our website and place your order according to your preferences.

Heavy Duty Storage Rack – Todays smart solution for storing medium to heavy weight Items:
Racks can sustain huge loads? Heavy duty racks are hard and it can bear products load capacity and that improves overall efficacy and can adapt various loading conditions.
Can minimize injuries: By keeping the products stacked at the place, which minimize the injuries to man and material.

Enhance Storage Capability: Installing a storage racks can increase space in your limited space and improve loading capabilities without costing.
It is imperative to recognize the heavy duty storage rack importance and improve stability. Over the years, we have extended rich experience and made our reputation among top heavy duty storage racks manufacturer and suppliers in India. Our offered 

Heavy duty racks, industrial heavy duty warehouse racks, heavy duty warehouse storage rack, heavy duty steel pallet racks, heavy duty pallet rack, and heavy duty warehouse pallet rack are among the products offered by Hyderabad-based Heavy Duty Racks.

Shelves Dimensions
Width : 24", 30", 36", 48"
Depth : 6", 9", 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", 36", 48"
Height : 5', 6', 7', 8' , 10' OR as specified.
Thickness: Panels : 20 gu ( 1mm)
Back paneling: 24 gu. (0.6 mm)
Brackets and Pillars: 14 gu.(2 mm) and 16 gu. (1.6 mm)

It will be our further pleasure to interact and suggest you more as per your requirement.

We assure you for the best "Boltless Flexible Shelving Systems" and you will have us as the right partner to meet all your racking needs.

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