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General Boltless Flexible Shelving Systems

Boltless Flexible Shelving Systems

offers a wide range of accessories and practical features. Sections can be reconfigured, lengthen shortened, relocated or joined to existing units easily and without adding any extra parts in less time. The self-standing shelves can be re-used and re-organized at no extra cost for the future needs.

Boltless Flexible Shelving Systems with Welded Frame Construction

Welded frame construction is elegant, sleek, strong and rigid and all the safety features are taken into consideration while designing. The two/four-bend edges eliminate roughness while reinforcing the shelves. The closed uprights protect stocks/products and conceal electrical wiring safely and discreetly. The entire racks are based on interlocking system. We try to nurture and fulfil your storage, racking and shelving requirement, with care.